Becoming Energy Efficient

At Reef Energy Group, we design our solar installations around a strategy to improve overall energy efficiency. Why?

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The major energy using systems in your home like your hot water heater or air conditioner are aging every day. In a typical home these systems can contribute to over 70% of your annual electric bill costs! So designing a solar installation based on those aging or even obsolete power hungry products in your home without a plan to improve them just doesn't make good financial sense. 

At Reef Energy Group, we understand the fundamental link between energy efficiency and solar design. Our innovative solution combines the two into a single strategy that maximizes your overall savings. It's a simple but powerful formula.

Improve your energy efficiency and reduce the size and cost of your solar. 

In many cases, the savings realized from reducing the size of solar required can offset 75% to even 100% of the cost of the energy efficiency improvement.

So how do we work?

During our initial evaluation, we consult with you to determine the age and condition of each of the major products in your home. We offer a wide range of solutions that will dramatically improve your energy efficiency. We build a customized Home Energy Improvement Plan that clearly identifies when it may be time to upgrade, and offer a unique one of a kind Customer Loyalty Program in conjunction with Safeguard Loyalty, to help fund those upgrades and further reduce cost.

From roof replacements to energy efficient appliances, Reef Energy Group is a total home solution that goes well beyond the conventional solar business model.

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Some of the Many Manufacturers We Work With

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