Innovation in Solar Design

There are literally dozens of solar providers in Southern California. So what makes Reef Energy Group different?

We're glad you asked!

If you're looking to go solar, one reason may be because you're currently paying a lot for your electricity. After all, California has some of the highest rates in the country. But do you know what contributes to that massive electric bill? You may be surprised to learn that the age and energy efficiency of key systems in your home like your air conditioner, hot water heater and pool pumps can add up to over 70% or more of that cost. The older those products are, the less energy efficient they likely are and the more power they are consuming.

But the conventional solar only company doesn't take that into consideration at all. 

Instead, they design the largest system possible to cover your historical energy use, regardless of the age of the products in your home. While this may be great for them because a larger system means more profit, it's not so great for you. Overspending on a solar installation that is designed to power your aging energy hungry products around the home just doesn't make good financial sense.

A better way

At Reef Energy Group, we built a comprehensive process to not only understand every aspect of your home's energy efficiency, but to help you improve it. We design our solar installations around that basic idea. Reduce the size and cost of your solar by maximizing the energy efficiency of your home. Our innovative total home approach saves you literally thousands of dollars while also ensuring the absolute maximum return on the investment you make to go solar.

From solar panels to battery back-up and inverters, we employ one of the widest ranges of hardware manufacturers available, along with one of most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Some of the Many Manufacturers We Work With

Aptos Solar Panels
Solaria Solar Panels
Q Cells Solar Panels
Sunpower Solar Panels
Tesla Energy
Solar Edge inverters
Enphase inverters
Eguana batteries